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Oliver Preston and his funny cartoons are off to Blenheim…

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There's a Punch cartoon in the lift (elevator) at Blenheim Palace. It depicts the Duke of Marlborough before his famous battle in 1704, during the war of the Spanish Succession. His battalions of 40,000 troops are staked out across the landscape in front of him, and the Duke, on horseback is looking at a sign at the entrance of a town. "Blenheim", he says, "Frightfully good name for a house."

We love the Game Fair – the people, the atmosphere, the good natured banter, and all those dogs; big ones, little ones, furry working ones, all sorts, and all too often looking like their owners. The size of the Game Fair at Blenheim Palace is something to be seen and I think the setting at Blenheim is one of the best. This year we are at a stand No. X1380, on a new stretch for us in the Art and Sculpture section on the way up to the main arena – just past the road, the ‘ha ha’, and the CLA members bit. It’s good to have cartoons in art and sculpture, it’ll raise the tone a bit. Ha ha. I have done two new books –   launching at the Game Fair. “Another Log on the Fire”, is a sequel to “Shall we join the Men?’, and full of funny colour cartoons from The Field Magazine.  ‘How funny ?’ you say. “Come and take a look !”

"ANOTHER LOG on the FIRE" is a new compendium of Oliver Preston's hilarious cartoons from The Field Magazine and elsewhere, and features his wry observations on dogs and drink, grandparents, children, gardening and country sports, and town and country life in 2011. A must for those who love his keen eye for social observation, wonderful drawings and witty humour.

"FONDUES and FURS" lifts the lid on skiing in the Swiss Alps with this witty new book that satirises the famous and exclusive alpine resort of Gstaad, where fur coated and feisty, the jet set balance the finer art of shopping with skiing, and trill to Gstaad's social mores. They ski hard during the day, and play hard every night, and enjoy a cocktail of fondues and raclettes, of exclusive clubs and chalet hopping.

And then there’s “Fondue and Furs” that lifts the lid on skiing in the Swiss Alps – It’s a fun new book satirising the famous and exclusive alpine resort of Gstaad  -it’s got some cracking skiing cartoons in it.  There are also two new slimline calendars for 2012: “My Plants Commit Suicide” and “Another Country”.  There is nothing we like more than hearing people on the stand chuckling, and giggling at the cards, leafing through the print stands or just taking time out. Our last time at Blenheim – and our first Game Fair – was in 2008;  the heat was stifling, but being visionaries, we took an electric fan. We were very, very busy. With any luck it will be the same again this year – fabulous weather – a fab day out . So go on, bring the kids, come and see us and have a giggle on the 22nd -24th July.

Later in September sees the publication of my third effort this year (!) , “Real Men Drink Port”, written by world renowned port writer Ben Howkins and illustrated with lots of funny cartoons. There are historical and contemporary facts and numerous amusing anecdotes,  meticulously compiled to produce a hugely informative and entertaining tome about Port  – it is a really good read and hopefully a good laugh too.  (I want to know who’s sponsoring the book launch…More news later !)

Oliver Preston is at stand No X1380 at the CLA Game Fair at Blenheim. You can see more of his work at www.oliverpreston.com or telephone +44 (0) 1666 502638 for a catalogue of his recent books, limited edition prints and greeting cards.

© copyright oliver preston, from "Another Log on the Fire", (Beverston Press, 2011)

© copyright oliver preston. From "Fondue and Furs", (Beverston Press, 2011)

© copyright oliver preston. From "Another Log on the Fire", (Beverston Press 2011)

"Ah yes, that's my husband. I recognise my shopping." © copyright oliver preston, new greeting card and limited edition print


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